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Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven 4 QT


The Lodge Pro-Logic Cast Iron  4 QT Dutch Oven has a unique self-basting lid that reduces the hassle of hand basting from time to time, when making roasts. Like all other Lodge cast iron products, this efficient oven comes seasoned and ready to go from the foundry. The vegetable oil seasoning gives it an easy release finish and allows you to use it without having to season it at home. Caring for cast iron pots and pans is not tough either. All you need to do is wash the container, after every use, in hot or warm water, wipe dry with a towel, and apply a coating of oil to prevent rusting. Follow these steps diligently and watch the Dutch oven become more efficient over the years. This special Dutch oven from Lodge comes with a self-basting lid. Basting is a cooking technique that involves the addition of juices or melted fats over meat, as it cooks. Basting is used to keep the meat from drying out and is usually done with the help of a brush. A self-basting lid is designed with ridges or spikes on the inside that catch the steam from the food, condense it, and return it as water into the dish to eliminate. This way, the flavors are locked into the meat and the cooking process is faster too, without the constant opening of the lid. This is one reason why the 4-quart container is perfect for slow-cooked dishes. The oven also features easy grip handles that make it easy to transport.

Dutch ovens have been in used for centuries and are versatile. They can be used for cooking meats, making stews and soups, baking bread, and even for decadent desserts.

Key Features of the Lodge Pro-Logic Cast Iron Dutch Oven:

  • Cast Iron Body: has good retention and dispersal of heat, allowing even cooking and can be used on different heat mediums like gas, electric, grill, and campfire. 
  • Easy Grip Handles: makes it easy to lift and transport the oven
  • Self-Basting Lid: is designed with ridges or spikes on the inside to catch the steam from the food, condense it, and return it as water into the dish to eliminate constant basting by hand
  • Durable: when cared for well, it can last for decades
  • Seasoned with Vegetable Oil in the Foundry: allows you to use the pan as soon as you buy it and offers easy-release finish

Technical Specifications

  • L: 13.25"
  • W: 10.438"
  • H: 6.375" (w/lid)
  • Made in USA